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The cost of agricultural produce in Portugal's Alentejo region on Solomon
diana takacsova
Jul 13, 2021
Location: Alentejo, Portugal
Portugal's Alentejo region is one of the main areas undergoing rapid agricultural intensification. In order to meet the growing need and the market’s low prices, the region is increasingly relying on undocumented migrant labour. The cheap agricultural produce in our supermarkets is an outcome of precarious working and living conditions - but also of individual stories and aspirations.

I am very excited to share this outcome of a project funded by the National Geographic Society, and a result of the teamwork of Miguel Silva, Oladeji Odunola Alexander and myself.

See and read more about the cost of agricultural produce in this piece below:
The cost of agricultural produce in Portugal’s Alentejo region
Diana Takacsova’s photography stresses the role of the essential workers who are frequently trapped outside the formal system, juxtaposing it with the intensified land use and the inadequate living and labour conditions present in the Alentejo...

Diana Takacsova

Diana Takacsova is a photographer and visual storyteller based between Ostend, Belgium and Bratislava, Slovakia, working globally.
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