End of the Map

In the large divide in the economies of the north and south of Italy, Calabria stands as the country's most challenged region. While the Tyrrhean coast boasts tourism with destinations such as Tropea or Scilla, the Ionian coast is often overlooked by visitors. This is a region relying on agriculture and tourism, emblazoned with legends, often seen as an exotic place. This is where natural beauty meets the lack of long term strategy and infrastructure, the combination of the sea and mountains encompasses a feel of isolation: crossing from one side to another isn't as easy as one would expect.

What do I know about this place? I recall the turquoise sea and lush landscape, the orange trees, the the role of traditions and religion, the environmental issues, the solitude and awaiting at a place where change comes slowly.

'End of the Map' aims to uncover layers of everyday celebrations of life and the parallel realities in a small town on the Ionian coast during a selected period of time, from March until July, in a chronological order.