The Olive Grove

Afghan boys perform card tricks on a rainy weekend. “When the weather is good, we prefer to spend time in the park in Mitilini.”
Father and son inside their makeshift home during a spontaneous photoshoot assisted by a family friend.
The view of the Olive Grove and Mitilini at dusk.
Fleeing Afghanistan’s Taliban-controlled area, this family’s journey to the Turkish shores took seven months. In January they have already spent four months on Lesbos, awaiting their second interview.
According to Doctors Without Borders (MSF), in the winter of 2019, 60% of the children treated at the MSF hotspot on the island got sick due to the living conditions.
A group of friends gathers next to the bonfire, trying to make a cold winter evening bearable.
Weather poses a serious challenge: water often enters the tents during the monsoon-like rains while summers are unbearably hot.
A mobile playground in the Olive Grove. A local organisation provided the resources for this project, which is carried out thanks to the inhabitants.