To Be Odessan

Odessa in Ukraine is known for its multiculturalism and mediterranean feel but for me, it's a sort of isolated place - even an island, with a devoted community and its rules. This was the first place I visited in Ukraine. When I arrived I didn't know how should I imagine 'Ukraine' but I was sure about one thing: Odessa doesn't fit into this picture. I see pride, a strong connection to the city and coexistence with the sea. I see also nostalgia to a place familiar yet at the same time full of surprises. I connected these fragments and followed the trails of citizens to create my own look on what is it to 'be Odessan'.

To Be Odessan was shot during True Lies, an edition of workshops by Shift. Shape. Mobilize. The mentor of the Visuals track was Fabian Weiss.